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3 Things You Should Pay Attention To When It Comes To Your Vehicle In The Winter

Winter brings a unique set of challenges for our vehicles, demanding a bit more attention to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Here are three critical aspects to pay close attention to during the winter months!

1. Tire Traction and Pressure: In winter, your tires are the unsung heroes battling through snow, ice, and slush. Ensure they're up to the task by checking both traction and pressure regularly.

  • Tire Traction: Invest in winter tires for enhanced grip on slippery surfaces. Their unique tread patterns and softer rubber are designed to handle colder temperatures and provide better traction.

  • Tire Pressure: Cold weather can cause tire pressure to drop. Low tire pressure not only affects fuel efficiency but also compromises traction. Keep a tire pressure gauge handy and maintain the recommended pressure levels.

2. Battery Health: The cold can be particularly harsh on your vehicle's battery. As temperatures drop, the chemical reactions within the battery that produce power slow down. Here's what you can do:

  • Check Battery Charge: Ensure your battery is fully charged, and if it's more than three years old, consider having it tested or replaced.

  • Clean Battery Terminals: Corrosion on the battery terminals can hinder the flow of electricity. Clean them with a mixture of baking soda and water to keep things running smoothly.

3. Fluid Levels and Antifreeze: Proper fluid levels are crucial for your vehicle's winter performance.

  • Antifreeze: Make sure your antifreeze (coolant) levels are adequate. This prevents the engine from freezing in extreme cold. The right mix is usually 50% antifreeze and 50% water.

  • Windshield Washer Fluid: Switch to a winter-grade windshield washer fluid that won't freeze. Keep the reservoir full, as visibility is key during snowy or slushy conditions.

Remember, a little winter preparation goes a long way in ensuring your vehicle is ready for the challenges ahead. Regular checks and a proactive approach to maintenance will not only keep you safe but also contribute to the longevity of your vehicle. Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy the winter wonderland with a reliable and well-maintained car!

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