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When Can I Get My Vehicle Serviced?

When Can I Get My Vehicle Serviced?

Let's face it, having your car serviced can feel like a real inconvenience. Nobody really wants to stop their life to get their car serviced! It is not something that we look forward to, although it needs to be completed Better to do it on your schedule then to wait for an emergency and suffer a real significant inconvenience. To speak with an advisor and schedule your service we are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 7 AM through 5:30 PM. We can also be reached 24 hours a day through our web site as well as via email at [email protected] To keep your busy life moving we are happy to offer transportation solutions while your car is in for service. Frank's Servicenter offers FREE loaner vehicles, these vehicles are in high demand and we recommend scheduling your service with a loaner well in advance. If a loaner car is not the best solution for you we are also ... read more

PA State Inspection

What is "State Inspection"?In the state of Pennsylvania by law *every car* operating on the road must be inspected annually to verify safe operation. (*some exceptions apply to specialty/antique vehicles) The inspection is a visual and physical examination of your vehicle and its safety components. The inspectors adhere to published guidelines provided by the State to verify the safe operation of all motor vehicles. Completion of a successful inspection is indicated by a sticker located in the lower left corner of your windshield. Who can perform State Inspection?Licensed mechanics working at a state approved inspection station perform all of the Pennsylvania State Inspections. The mechanics must pass a physical and written test to verify their capability. Both the inspectors as well as the stations are monitored and audited by state officials. When do I need to have the inspection done?The reflective badges on your windshield indicate ... read more

What do our clients really want to know?

At Frank's Servicenter our phone is constantly ringing with new clients asking questions of how much will something cost and do we fix a certain issue or do we work on their model of vehicle. Let's face it nobody really wants to get their car serviced and it can be daunting to find a new automotive service provider. At the end of the day what do you as an Automotive Repair consumer really want to know? In fact its the same as any other consumer. What the automotive consumer REALLY wants to know is the answer to all of the questions that they are NOT ASKING of the business that they want to deal with! Here are some of those questions!!! Are you a good person? Is your service team made of of good people? Are you reputable and honest? Can I trust the information that you are presenting to me? Are you going to take good care of myself and my belongings? If I have a problem will you help me? Now that we can see some of these questions the next obvious question is how can we find out the a ... read more

What is a Power Steering Rack?

There are millions of parts on your vehicle and this one literally points you in the right direction. If your looking to find out what is a power steering rack? What does the steering rack do? What are the symptoms of a bad steering rack? and why do you need to repair your power steering rack? Read on to find out! The steering rack is an aluminum housing enclosing a rack and a steering pinion. The steering pinion is connected to the steering wheel through the set of jointed shafts. As the steering wheel is turned, the pinion moves and pushes the steering rack either to the left or right. The ends of the steering rack are connected to the front wheels through the tie rods. This linkage transmits the movement to the wheels to move them left and right as well. All modern racks have a form of power assist. Power Assisted steering has been around for many years. For most drivers today, power steering is a given standard. Power steering is designed to make our driving experience not only mor ... read more

AAA Approved Auto Repair

75 million US drivers do not have a trusted Auto Repair Shop! Now more than ever it is imperative to have a local trusted automotive confidant. The AAA Auto Club has created the Approved Auto Repair Program to assist drivers in finding reputable high quality automotive service. Once a shop meets AAA's high standards, including certifications, technical training, cleanliness, insurance requirements, it becomes part of the AAR program where it's re-inspected annually and monitored for customer satisfaction. Only after this rigorous testing is the AAA Approved Seal displayed to assist motorists