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Cabin Air Filter Replacement

New Vs. Old Cabin Air Filters






The cabin air filter is responsible for keeping dust dirt and allergens out of the interior of your car's heating and air conditioning system. This filter is especially important in the springtime to reduce the pollen effect. All of the air that enters the car through the HVAC system will first pass through this filter. As you can see in the pictures the filter can fill up fast with debris.

Cabin air filters will require routine replacement every 15,000 miles or once per year. Some vehicles that are operated in extremely dusty conditions may require more frequent replacement. 

If you are familiar with hand tools you can potentially replace this filter yourself! The effort and degree of difficulty varies greatly between vehicles. The filter is generally located behind the glove box or in the cowl below the windshield. If you choose not to venture into the project yourself we would be happy to assist. 

What if you don't replace the cabin air filter? The filter will not stop the car from running or leave you stranded! The first noticeable difference will be the lack of air quantity and quality. As the filter fills up with debris it will restrict the airflow for your heating and air conditioning system. You may notice in the springtime that the condensation is slow to clear from the windshield or there is a musty odor. In the summer a restricted filter will inhibit the operation of your car's air conditioner!

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