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What To Do About A Check Engine Light - Car Fault Codes

It’s no longer surprising to find computer chips in places you never thought possible, but one place where they are just as important as ever is your car. A pesky check engine light will quickly dampen your spirits though, so here's what to do if your car's check engine light is making you nervous.

What To Do About A Check Engine Light

Need a check engine light assessed? Book online with Frank’s.

Check Engine Light Cadillac Dashboard Fault Code

If your check engine light is on, don't panic. Although there is a huge list of possible problems triggering the code, you have to be safe. It is best to limit driving to only the most necessary trips though and bring your car in to Frank's as quickly as possible. We'll check the fault code in your car's computer for free. If it's something super simple, say if your gas cap is loose, we'll send you on your way free of charge! Otherwise you can schedule an appointment online as soon as you see the check engine light for whatever service you may need. Frank's team has the know-how to perform a physical engine diagnostic and get to the bottom of any auto problem fast.

Why Do I Need My Car's Check Engine Light Assessed?

Unexpected car repairs can be a huge inconvenience, but having the check engine light assessed can help you repair a car problem before it causes damage. That’s why we're always happy to check fault codes at no extra cost. In addition, we also perform a complimentary car inspection at every service to help our customers save in the long run. "An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

Check Fault Code Car Cadillac Mechanic

This mechanic's tablet is used to read the fault code in the car's computer that triggers a check engine light.

How Often Do I Need A Car Fault Code Checked?

This can be a tricky question. Mechanics are required to assess check engine lights as part of every annual emissions inspection, but if you have a check engine light come on in your dashboard on it's own though, be sure to have the code read as quickly as possible to avoid any damage. We’re always happy to fit customers into our schedule if they suspect a problem and need a fault code checked.

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