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Air Filters

How often should I replace my air filter? Air filters typically last 15,000 miles. Your cars Engine Air Filter keeps dust and debris from entering the intake and damaging the engine. This filter will build up with dirt and debris over time and begin to reduce the airflow and negatively affect fuel economy. As a part of our regular Multi-point Inspection Process we will remove and inspect the filter. Additionally we will send you a digital picture so that you can see what we see. If the filter is just dusty we will clean remove the loose debris and recheck it at your next visit. There is no charge to install a new air filter during regular service. There is a second air filter inside of your vehicle referred to as the "Cabin Air Filter" this filter is inline with your Heating and Air Conditioning system and it is responsible for keeping the dust, dirt and pollen out of the interior. These two filters are typically replaced at the same time.

Engine Air Filter
Engine Air Filter