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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Selecting Tires in Southampton, PA

Frank's Servicenter Inc. Answer: There are three factors one should consider when looking for New Tires in Southampton, PA: Function, Fit, and Value. Function: Feel free to let us know why you are looking for new tires in regards to your needs. Is it because of changing Pennsylvania weather conditions, Southampton road conditions or changing temperature. Most new vehicles come with all-season tires. These are functional all year round and can do well in most cases but fall short when it comes to extremes. Winter tires have tread specifically designed to handle ice and snow on the roads. They take advantage of a rubber compound that helps with better traction as temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit/7.2 degrees Centigrade. These tires will help with better stopping and handling in winter weather conditions. All terrain tires could be right for you if you enjoy off-roading activities but we can also find you dedicated off-road tires that will giv ... read more

Differential Service Southampton PA

When you are driving and about to turn a corner, it is important to know that the wheels on the outside have a longer distance to go compared to the wheels on the inside. What does this mean? Basically the wheels on the outside need to turn faster than those wheels on the inside. The mechanism that allows this to happen is the differential. Essentially, he differential makes sure the drive wheels rotate at different speeds during turns without hopping or binding. If your vehicle has rear-wheel drive, this means the differential is located on the rear axle. When you're driving next to or behind a truck, and you see a bulge placed in the middle of the axel you are looking at the axel. If your vehicle has front-wheel drive, this means the function of the differential is managed by your transaxle. Finally, vehicle with all-wheel drive have differentials on both of their axles. All-wheel drive vehicles also are equipped with a center differential or a transfer case in between the rear and f ... read more

EGR Valve – Frank’s Servicenter

Drivers in Southampton understand and see how incredibly hard auto manufactures have to work to keep building strong engines that keep getting more efficient fuel mileage while also meeting all environmental standards. One small piece that keeps making sure that these advancements happen is the EGR valve, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve. In both diesel and gas engines, the EGR valve puts a little exhaust back into the air intake system. This exhaust that gets put back in fills the space in the engine cylinders. This replaces the oxygen-heavy air that would normally be present. What this means is that the fuel burning event is more cool than normal. The cooler the combustion is, the less harmful nitrous oxides are produced and put into the air. Like anything else, your EGR valve can get backed up, which can affect the timing and amount of exhaust that should normally be in your engine. You can tell if this is happening if there is a rough idle and poor engine performance. Things can ... read more


EGR Valve