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Are Antifreeze And Coolant The Same Thing | Car Maintenance

Antifreeze or Coolant? It may seem worse than a family feud. Which of these words is right to use when you’re talking to a mechanic? Let’s take a closer look at that fluid pumping through your motor.

Are Antifreeze And Coolant The Same Thing?

Antifreeze vs Coolant Car Repair

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When it comes to the battle between antifreeze and coolant we - unfortunately - have to throw in another word: Refrigerant. Oh no! What could this third thing possibly be? How do these three things work together to help you drive down the road? Don’t worry. Frank’s can explain everything.

Coolant Versus Antifreeze Versus Refrigerant

Coolant is a substance used to keep excess heat from building up in your motor. It is a mix of water and antifreeze - a chemical that prevents the water from… well… freezing! Refrigerant is a little different. A chemical, generally freon, is stored in your car’s Air Conditioning system and helps keep your passenger cabin cool on hot days. So: Coolant cools your car’s motor (using antifreeze) and Refrigerant cools you in your car. Both are important for summer driving.

Coolant Tank Car Motor

What Is A Car’s Cooling System?

To a mechanic, a vehicle’s ‘cooling system’ is generally a reference to the radiator and pipes that coolant goes through to cool the motor. If you’re looking to communicate about the thing that keeps you cool; be sure to use the words ‘Air Conditioning’, or ‘A/C’ for short.

How Does A Car Air Conditioner Work?

Another helpful way to realize the difference between the cooling system and the air conditioning system is to know how they work. Read more about coolant here. As far as Air Conditioning is concerned however; it relies on the refrigerant. This is a chemical that changes state between a liquid and a gas, like water evaporating. When it does this it absorbs heat and humidity which keeps you cool and dry.

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