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Are Electric Cars Really Eco-Friendly?

With the price of gas sky high and public transportation still in limbo, electric vehicles are looking like an interesting option for many consumers. Are these techno-aged machines really what they say they are though? What is the actual savings for car buyers and - the big question - are electric cars actually better for the environment?

Frank’s can service hybrids and electric cars! Book an appointment online. 

Tesla Electric Car Vehicle Franks Southampton

We also service Teslas. Tires and brakes are a common EV repair.

Are Electric Cars Better For The Environment?

This is definitely a controversial topic with some fiercely fighting pollution and others saying carbon emissions and climate change aren’t significant. Whichever side you’re on though, we know you’ll enjoy seeing where the everyday consumer stands when it comes to electric cars and how eco-friendly they are. 

Is Gas or Electric Power Better?

Did you know gasoline has about 13 times more energy potential than the electricity used in EV’s? Don’t jump to conclusions yet though, we’re not taking sides. Yet another interesting fact is that gas weighs less when stored in the tank of your car. Electric car batteries and cooling components take up much more space and are much heavier.

Why Are Electric Cars More Expensive?

Although the sporty and luxurious Tesla sedans stand out as representative EV’s, the truth is most electric cars do actually cost more even after a government rebate for less carbon emissions when it comes to the initial purchase. The good news for environmentalists who buy them is they need less maintenance. There are less moving parts and no explosions under the “hood” of an electric vehicle. The new Ford F-150 Lightning even features cargo space where the gas motor used to be! So, at the end of the day, EV’s are definitely cheaper to operate, though they aren’t to buy. You also can’t take them on a road trip as easily yet - charging stations aren’t as widespread.

Chevy Volt Hybrid Car Franks Southampton

A Chevy Volt Hybrid, half electric and half gas powered.

Are Electric Cars Dirtier To Produce?

It is true EV batteries require emissions to produce which are definitely not eco-friendly. In fact, gasoline cars cause less pollution specifically to produce than electric cars that require lithium mining and the like to bring into being. If we observe the environmental impact over the course of the whole car’s life though, we find that electric cars do win out on the less-polluting scale over several years of driving. This isn’t including what may be the most important factor though...

Why Aren’t Electric Cars Selling?

Even if electric cars are the perfect eco-friendly thing to own, why don’t we see more of them? Right now it is not profitable for car manufacturers to make EV’s. Only about 2% of consumers buy electric cars and so - even if they are better for the environment - car producers know they can’t market them. Considering this, we find that improving the efficiency of gas motors would actually be more eco-friendly than producing more electric cars. It is shocking, but some factors include being able to travel long distances, recharging time and people who park their car on the street and don’t have an easily accessible garage for charging.

In the end, whether you’re happy with a gas guzzler or have an electric car like a Nissan Leaf or Tesla, Frank’s Servicenter can help you out. We commonly repair tires, brakes and perform inspections on electric vehicles and - of course - do the whole gambit on gas motors as well! 

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