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Ball Joint Repair in Southampton PA | Steering, Suspension

There are certainly a lot of parts on your car. We’re sure you’ll agree with that. Something you should know about though are the ball joints. What are these mysterious parts? How do they affect your vehicle? Let’s find out.

Ball Joint Repair in Southampton PA

Ball Joint Car Repair

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If you’re searching for ‘ball joint repair near me’, look no further. Frank’s can help you out. What is a ball joint? Ball joints are a part of your suspension system. The ball joint connects your car’s suspension to the wheels. They consist of a ball that fits into a larger socket housing and allows the wheel to pivot in multiple directions at the same time. This way if you hit a bump or have to turn, the wheel can move freely. A ball joint works similarly to a human hip!

Car Ball Joint Replacement

If you’ve ever seen a car with a wheel separated away from the car it could have been a failed ball joint. At Frank’s Servicenter we can inspect the entire suspension of your car, including ball joints and the complete steering and suspension system. We also provide you with digital picture reports so you can see exactly what we see.

Broken Ball Joint On Car

Are My Car’s Ball Joints Bad?

There are a few signs to a potentially faulty ball joint. One is a squeaky sound or other noises when you’re steering or hit a bump. If your car steering feels loose or you hear rattling, knocking noises, the suspension system should be checked. Also, difficult steering in general can be a sign of suspension concerns. Although ball joints can last for a long time, the ball and socket assembly will eventually require replacement.

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