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Buying A Car The Smart Way

Buying A Car The Smart Way

So, you live in Bucks County and you’re in the market for a new car - or maybe you aren’t. Either way, there’re some simple things to consider when you need to buy a car or if you’re just able to take advantage of the vehicle market. Definitely read this before hitting the Route 1 or Street Road dealers - or any car seller in Bucks.

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Do You Need To Buy A New Car?

If you read our last blog, you know that your car’s market value is important to keep in mind in terms of selling, but - also realize - your car is an asset and if it’s depreciating too fast you could be losing in the long run. If your car is too old (even if it is paid-off) it may be approaching major maintenance and be better for you to sell and get into some nice and spiffy new before the value falls more.

Did you know Frank's does new car evaluations? Before you buy a car, make an appointment online to bring it to Frank's and find out exactly what you are buying!

You Need A New Car. Where Do You Go?

Online car shopping is so easy, but are there hidden fees or other amounts you don’t know about? You definitely have to do your research. Don’t rush off to any Bucks County dealer without getting some simple facts.

Know Before You Go - Car Buying Research

In this video a former car salesman lays out a lot of facts. Did you know Dealerships train their staff to negotiate? That they also pay fees to get the cars shipped to them from the manufacturer and that a cost is even built in to cover the salesman's commission? Check out car-buying-strategies.com and see these numbers for yourself. This is one of many places you can do free research to know what a reasonable offer is for the car you’re thinking of buying. 

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Desperate Car Purchasing

Don’t do it. If you need a car or just want to get a better value, always be ready to walk away if a deal isn’t right. Warranties, fees, mileage; there’s a lot to consider when getting into a car and salesmen will try to get you for all you’re worth if you let them. A big part of this is to be smart. Even if you really like a car, hold off on moving forward with the buy so you can take some time to figure it out and let the details unravel themselves.

At the end of the day, a little time spent on easy research can lead to thousands in your pocket. Whether you buy a new car or not though, Frank’s Servicenter in Bucks County is here to help you keep any car in perfect running order! Book online now!

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