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Can Heat Affect Your Car Battery?

With summer around the corner, the heat may have implications for your vehicle. Did you know that hot weather can be destructive to your vehicle battery? To truly understand the damages that can be done to your car battery, you will need to understand how the battery operates.

How Does a Car Battery Work

Your vehicle’s battery is responsible for storing electrical charges. The battery has a casing to protect the sulfuric acid inside. Within the battery, chemical reactions take place to create the energy necessary to start your car and power other electrical accessories. That is why most people immediately think to check their battery when their cars experience starting problems.


How Does Heat Affect A Car Battery

You might be wondering, “how does the summer heat come into play”. Whenever your car sits in conditions higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it is at risk of deteriorating. When it gets too hot, the sulfuric acid inside the battery can evaporate or leak. Without the acid, it can lower the battery’s charge until there’s nothing left.

How to Protect the Battery From the Heat

Though we have no control over the temperature outside, you can take preventative measures to protect your car battery against accelerated wear and tear. Below are some useful tips that you can practice this summer to prolong your battery life.

  • Park your car out of the sun. Parking in direct sunlight for extended periods is horrible for your car. Instead, we recommend parking in a closed-off garage and shaded areas. Not only will this keep your battery cooler, but it will also keep the cabin cooled off too!
  • Clean the battery regularly.After a bunch of driving, corrosion can build up around the battery terminals and cause the charge to drop in your battery. You should check for corrosion often and wipe it off if it is present.
  • Have your battery tested at Frank’s Servicenter at the start of summer. With proper equipment and tools, the professional team at our auto repair shop can test your battery accurately. It will allow us to gauge how much charge is left on your battery and help us figure out when you may need a replacement.


We can help you beat the heat this summer. Please give us a call for service or schedule an appointment online with Frank’s Servicenter today!

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