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Car Air Conditioning Repair In Southampton PA

It’s always refreshing to leave your jacket at home and roll down your car windows in spring, but when the summer sun starts beating down you’ll be happy your car’s AC is working right.

Car Air Conditioning Repair In Southampton PA

Car AC Recharge

Stay cool when you book with Frank’s Servicenter online now!

If you’re asking yourself, “where can I get my car’s AC fixed near me?” then Frank’s Servicenter is the answer. Our professional service advisors will help you as we detect leaks, recharge refrigerant and get rid of any smells that may be coming from your vehicle’s air vents.

Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

One of the biggest and most common problems to fix for auto AC repairs is when hot air instead of cold blows from the passenger vents. This could be because of a low refrigerant charge. Freon is an odorless and colorless gas that goes through a change of state from gas to liquid to cool the car. This is what runs through the lines of your car’s AC system and even your refrigerator at home too! If the system is low on Freon it will need to be serviced and checked for leaks. An AC leak refers to freon escaping the system. If the AC system is low a repair at a local garage, like Frank’s, can keep your ride nice and cool.

Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Any Air

If your AC isn’t blowing at all or isn't blowing with as much pressure as usual, we can help! There is a plethora of components involved with the proper circulation of air through your HVAC system. Fresh air enters through the Cabin filter, is circulated by the blower motor and then directed by the mode doors. At Frank’s we take high-quality images of the work we do so you can see for yourself what’s happening in your car.

Car AC Control Ford Bronco

Car Air Conditioning Smells Bad

Excess moisture causing a damp cabin air filter or a clogged evaporator drain are common causes of a smelly car AC. When cold air is produced in the heat, it creates the condensation that you see dripping from yuour car on a hot day.  If this water is not drained from the vehicle it can create mold and mildew. Something as simple as a cabin air filter is a quick repair for us though! An evaporator drain also isn’t as difficult to repair as replacing AC components. So, don’t worry. This problem isn’t as bad as it seems.

So there you have it. If any of these hot air problems have you hot-headed, then just come to Frank’s Servicenter by scheduling online today and cool off!

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