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Car Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 - Decorations, Cleaning and More!

When the holiday music starts playing in stores everyone thinks, “what can I get for my friends and family?” If you need car enthusiast Christmas gifts, Frank’s has some ideas for you!

Car Christmas Gifts 2021

Anker Bluetooth Sync

Winter weather’s coming. Have Frank’s perform a multipoint inspection for your car.

Fortunately car’s need attention, so there’s always a car care Christmas gift or additional accessory you can pick up for the motor head in your life. First, in this age of technology a quick music / speaker gadget is a good go-to. Anker sells a Bluetooth adapter that can turn any radio auxiliary port into a Bluetooth receiver for syncing to any device. This can even be used outside of your car - say if you’re flying home for the holiday.

Car Christmas Gifts For Dad

Sometimes our memory isn’t the best as we get older - but there’s a tech fix for this too! There’s a handy gadget called Tile. You attach it to your car keys and you can use your phone to track your keys, or press the device to ring your phone! It might not be for the car exactly, but we’ll still call it a car Xmas gift!

Another neat idea is car cleaning Christmas gifts, say a gift card to a drive-through car wash or even just cleaning accessories to use in nicer weather. One thing’s for sure, winter sludge builds up and it’s important to get any salt or brine off of your car’s undercarriage before it causes any rot. 

Grinch Christmas Car Buddy

Car Christmas Decorations

Reindeer horns and a Rudolph nose or even a whole wreath on the grille has been popular for awhile, but now there’s a new level of Christmas auto decorations: a car buddy. This blow up Grinch sits in your passenger seat and waves to passers by! They may not be the most talkative passenger, but this decoration is guaranteed to turn some heads.

Be prepared for winter with a multipoint inspection from Frank’s

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