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Car Headlight Refinishing For Yellow Lenses Fog

When it comes to headlights these days most cars have plastic lenses. Unfortunately though, these headlights tend to fog and wear over time and visibility will decrease as well. Luckily, this is an easy fix for most car owners.

Headlight Refinishing In Southampton, PA Cost And Time

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Headlight Refinishing Example Lens Car

If your headlights are fogged and yellow, Frank’s can refinish the surface of the plastic lenses until they’re as clear as day. After so many miles debris impact and the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage headlight lenses. Having the surface of the lens refinished takes little time and will save you hundreds compared to having the entire headlight assembly removed and replaced. 

DIY Car Headlight Refinishing

There are plenty of Do It Yourself refinishing kits on the market and across auto parts stores, but Frank’s has performed this maintenance time and time again and has all the right tools to keep lenses in perfect condition. Don’t waste time or money to see if you can refinish your own headlights, we can do it with any regularly scheduled maintenance anyway to save you time.

Headlight Refinishing Fog Yellow Lens Car

Headlight Lenses That Don’t Fog

There are some tricks to prevent headlight fog. Back in the day, older cars featured glass headlights which didn’t oxidize like plastic. These would often break in collisions though and then have to be replaced. Today, Meguiar’s sells a product called ‘Keep Clear’ that can be added to the surface of headlights to prevent wear in the first place. 

As the winter months and daylight saving’s time approach roadway visibility is key, have Frank’s refinish your headlights by booking online!

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