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Why is my car AC blowing hot air?

Why is my car AC blowing hot air?

Oh no...... the first heatwave of the year and your car is HOT!!!???  If you are plagued with hot air from the air conditioning ducts in your car here are three key items to check: A/C Indicator Lamp Is the indicator lamp on the HVAC control panel illuminating when the air is turned on? If not first make sure that all of your settings are correct for AC cooling operation. If the indicator is still on verify that there are no other warning lights on the dashboard that may inhibit the car's air conditioner operation. If all of the above is correct an inoperative AC indicator may be a symptom of an electrical system fault. Have the system inspected by a certified mechanic.  Poor Airflow When the system is turned on and the blower engaged you should feel forceful airflow from the dash vents. If the airflow is poor the cooling ability will be adversely affected. Check the fresh air intake and cabin filter for leaves and debris.&nb ... read more


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