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EGR Valve – Frank’s Servicenter

Drivers in Southampton understand and see how incredibly hard auto manufactures have to work to keep building strong engines that keep getting more efficient fuel mileage while also meeting all environmental standards. One small piece that keeps making sure that these advancements happen is the EGR valve, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve. In both diesel and gas engines, the EGR valve puts a little exhaust back into the air intake system. This exhaust that gets put back in fills the space in the engine cylinders. This replaces the oxygen-heavy air that would normally be present. What this means is that the fuel burning event is more cool than normal. The cooler the combustion is, the less harmful nitrous oxides are produced and put into the air. Like anything else, your EGR valve can get backed up, which can affect the timing and amount of exhaust that should normally be in your engine. You can tell if this is happening if there is a rough idle and poor engine performance. Things can ... read more


EGR Valve