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Diesel Truck Water in Fuel Warning Light On

Water/Fuel Separator Drain Plug LocationWhat should you do if the water in fuel warning message comes on in your Ford Powerstroke truck? First of all, you do not need to worry, this is a message indicating that the fuel water separator needs to be drained. Minimize driving until you can service the system to avoid water-related damage or contamination. 

The Ford Powerstroke Fuel and water separator is located on the driver's side frame rail just under the driver's seat. It is a large aluminum housing with a black plastic cap to the rear and four fuel lines. Before getting under the truck you will need a drain pan and Allen wrench to drain the water separator. Slide under the truck and remove the Allen plug (indicated by the red arrow) in the lower portion of the pump/separator. After allowing the fuel to drain simply resecure the plug and clean up! Cycle the ignition key to the on position and wait 30 seconds before turning off and repeating. After 2 complete cycles start the truck as you normally would. The filter and separator should be changed every 15,000 miles and the separator should be drained as needed between these services.  


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