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Differential: What It Is and Can You Service It

Ever Wondered What your Differential is? This basic car part may blow your mind.

Do you often turn your car when driving? We're sure you do, whether it's merging onto I-95 or turning off Street Road. Something you may not realize though is there's a part of your vehicle that is necessary to allow you to do that, it's called the Differential.

How A Differential Works

When you go around any kind of curve the wheels on the inside of the curve move slower than the wheels on the outside. This is just like a NASCAR driver can pass another on the inside of a turn, only it's all on one car. So, any rear-wheel drive car or truck must have a set of gears that allows the two parts of the axle to turn the wheels at two different speeds. The Differential is the name for this whole unit. Watch this in motion here.

(This is the Rear Differential of a 2011 Chevy Tahoe.)


Differential Service near me

Although this may seem a little mind boggling, just come to Frank's in Lower Bucks where we can happily replace the fluid and check that your differential is functioning properly.

Need Differential service? Make an appointment now!

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