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Do I Need A Wheel Alignment For My Car

Sometimes you may ask yourself if you really need a certain car repair, but here’s why Bucks County residents won’t want to skip on a Wheel Alignment.

Do I Need A Wheel Alignment?

Kia Rio Wheel Alignment

A Wheel Alignment centers your tires in your car’s wheel well and makes sure they contact the road properly. When wheels are properly aligned they point straight allowing for accurate steering, maximum traction, and increased tire life. If your car’s wheels aren’t aligned it may be a little like trying to run with your shoes untied.

Not sure if you need an alignment? Come to Frank’s to find out!

How To Tell You Need A Wheel Alignment

If you’re thinking “a wheel alignment near me is unnecessary because I’m still getting from Point ‘A’ to ‘B’”, you may be wasting money in the long run. Wheel Alignment cost is generally much less than the price of fixing the damage caused by not having the service performed. Here’s a list of improper wheel alignment symptoms that often get overlooked:

Signs of Bad Wheel Alignment

Drifting or Steering Pull: When you’re on a straight, level road and your car drifts, or you have to turn the wheel to stay in your lane.

Excess Tire Wear: Although treads will wear down naturally on your tires uneven, feathered, choppy or excess wear can be another sign of misaligned wheels.

Don’t wait until these issues arise to have your wheel alignment corrected. Proper annual wheel alignment  checks will increase tire life and prevent unnecessary tire wear. 

How Driving Affects Wheel Alignment

It is an unfortunate fact that rough roads can ruin your wheel’s alignment. Wheel alignment angles chage as your car ages although potholes will certainly accelerate the need for alignment. Frank’s Servicenter provides a quality report to show you exactly where your wheels are adjusted, like this example below...

Wheel Alignment Report

When To Get A Wheel Alignment

The best cure is proper prevention. Have your wheel alignment checked annually to avoid issues before they arise. Besides having a mechanic identify these symptoms of improper alignment there are times when you should have your wheels aligned anyway, say if you replace shocks or replace struts. Also, keep these scenarios in mind for a quick wheel alignment:

- New Tires
- Modify your Suspension (Lift or Lower)
- Pot Holes, Curbs and accidents
- It’s been a year or longer since your last alignment

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