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Do I Need to Change my Oil?

Engine Oil FilterIn the world of COVID, we have all been driving less than normal lately. A common question that we field is "Do I need to change my oil, I only drove 2,000 Miles?" Well, the short answer is that it is your car and you can do whatever you want!!!! What SHOULD you do to avoid issues? Read on.....

The industry experts and manufacturers recommend never going over one year between services. The reasoning for this service interval is multi-faceted. The main component of the motor oil will breakdown and collect moisture and contamination over time. Additionally, the oil filter element is made of fleece paper, this paper will also breakdown with age and can deteriorate.


Most of all we must keep in mind that the service performed during an oil service involve much more than simply changing the motor oil and filter. Our ASE-certified technicians will review the complete vehicle to spot mechanical faults before they adversely affect you. We will monitor and top off all of the fluids as well as the tire pressure.

Most of our customers elect to have their vehicles serviced and reviewed a minimum of two times per year. Once along with their state inspection and once approximately six months later. This will ensure reliable and efficient operation! 


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