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Do I Need To Go To The Car Dealer For Service

If you’re having car trouble or worried about a check engine light you’re probably asking yourself, “Do I need to go to the dealer for service?” The simple answer is ‘No’, you don’t have to and here’s why.

Do I need to go to the car dealer for service?

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We’ve all heard the nickname ‘stealership’ and horror stories about car dealership service rip-offs. So, if you’re worried you’re not getting the best service for your new or used car, you should be glad to know you have a lot of options. In 1975 Congress passed the Magnuson Moss Act which allows any repair shop to work on any car without voiding the manufacturer’s factory and/or extended warranty. Any repair shop can work on your car, they just have to follow some standard manufacturer guidelines and utilize the proper parts and materials. 

Dealer Quality Service Near Me

So the truth is you do not need to go to the dealership for an oil change or any other auto repairs or maintenance. It is a good idea to be sure of the level of quality of the repair shop you choose. See our blog on how to choose the right auto repair shop near you.

Car Repair Shop Near Me

Why Choose A Local Car Repair Shop?

Our service is the number one reason that customers choose us over a new car dealership. Not only are you supporting your local community when you get your car fixed by a local mechanic, but you also have the chance to build a more personal relationship with the service staff. At Frank’s, we know our customers and can make recommendations on upcoming car service based on your individual wants and needs. These are details that frequently get overlooked when you’re just a number in a dealership database. And, if that’s all not enough, our two-year or 24,000-mile warranty on all repairs is much more than dealerships offer. At Frank’s you’re covered!

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