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Driving In Snow and Ice | Winter Road Hazards

Driving is something you have to take seriously and with all that snow and ice on the roads, what if the worst should happen? Don’t worry! As always, Frank’s Servicenter has the info you need to get you through it all. 

Driving In Snow and Ice

Snow Covered Road

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When it comes to winter conditions and driving in snow and ice, safety is very important. Here’s a list of tips to get you to your destination without any trouble:

1. No sudden changes: in steering or with speeding up or slowing down. If your tires turn too fast they may lose their grip and braking too quickly can do the same.
2. Momentum is your friend. If you’re approaching a hill you don’t want to speed up or slow down, but use your car’s momentum to carry you through. Adjust your speed carefully to anticipate change in elevation.
3. Test your traction: by using your brakes lightly if no one is behind you. This will tell you if you’ll be able to stop when you need to if you’re in snowy driving conditions.
4. Look where you want to go. It sounds weird, but if you start a tail spin, don’t look at obstacles you’re afraid of hitting. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead where you want your car to go. Car and Driver reports that race car drivers use this tactic.
5. Brake early: especially when approaching an intersection. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to avoiding oncoming traffic!
6. Let ABS do the work. You may have heard that it’s good to pump your brakes, but these days almost every car has an automatic braking system that will do this for you. If you need to… stomp on those brakes!
7. Stay home! If you don’t have to be on the road in bad conditions it may just be better to stay cozy and reschedule if possible.

We hope you enjoy these tips for avoiding winter driving hazards and remember Frank’s Servicenter for all your auto maintenance needs. Book an appointment online now!

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