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Fuel Economy Low Down | Are MPG's Worth Your Money?

You’re not trying to send a fleet of tractor-trailers around the globe, you just want to get around Lower Bucks. Wouldn’t it be great to save money while you do it though? What if every trip to Neshaminy Mall could be dollars in your pocket? Just passing by either Street Road Wawa will tell you gas is becoming increasingly costly at the moment. Here’s the low down on Fuel Economy for folks looking to preserve those precious MPG’s.

Why Is Fuel Economy Important? Do MPG's Matter?

There’s two major factors in the Miles Per Gallon (MPG) question. The first is saving money, but the second is our impact on the environment. Maybe you’re not worried about pollution. Keep in mind though, that fuel economy is also a good way to judge the wear and tear on your power train too. That’ll add into the budget equation if nothing else.

Worried about fuel economy? Schedule a tune up for your car right now online.

Fuel Gauge Efficiency Mileage MPGs Car Repair

MPG Saving Devices

Fuel Doctor and Effuel are two of these popular gadgets. The spike in gas prices may make you consider one of these easy-to-install components, but - take our word for it - you should look elsewhere. Both Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics have criticized these cheap devices - actually it would be more accurate to say they totally melted them down (literally even). 

How Do I Save Money On Gas Then?

There are things you can do. Did you know there’s a federal website called Check it out for more tips. One major thing they say is “running electrical accessories (e.g., air conditioner) decreases fuel economy. Operating the air conditioner on "Max" can reduce MPG by roughly 5%–25% compared to not using it.” Now you might be thinking that episode of Mythbusters contradicts a government website, but AutoBlog showed us why that one’s not relevant.

Kia Forte 2015 Fuel Tank Spout Mileage

Do I Need To Worry About Wasting Fuel?

Although it can save some money, it is good to know car manufacturers don’t want to sell you a car that doesn’t work. They even compete in the market on a number of factors - fuel economy is always a major one. They do normally calculate a car’s MPG rating based on driving on flat ground though. So, maybe those factory specs are good enough for your needs.

Whatever your preference, you’re definitely better educated now on fuel economy in general. If you have more questions, or want to schedule a tune up with Frank’s Servicenter head to the Appointments Page now.


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