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Gas Prices Rise In 2021 As Fuel Demand Grows

The last two years have been a little rough. Now that we’re all trying to get back to normal there’re plenty of challenges and as far as your car is concerned gas prices are certainly a big one. As a local garage, we want to give you some fuel efficiency tips and let you know what’s the deal with the price of gasoline.

Why Is Gas So Expensive In 2021?

High Gas Prices In 2021 Covid Fuel Efficient

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Last year, even with shutdown’s and the pandemic unfolding, gas prices were generally a full dollar per gallon less. CNBC reports that gas costs more than it has since 2014. Why are they up so high now? With public transit less desirable and everyone trying to get out and about, the demand for fuel is much more this year. Another complication is international shipping. Testing and safety measures are still slowing down logistics everywhere.

Save On Gas With This Easy Tip

Fuel Gauge Efficiency Gas Prices 2021 MPG

With the average price of gas well over $3 per gallon in the Bucks County area, fuel efficiency is on all of our minds. A quick fix to improve fuel economy is just to make sure your tire pressure is right. A partially flat tire has more surface area on the road and requires more power to push it. It's not very much more, but it all adds up over time and costs you money. At Frank's we check and fill tires with air on every service! This next one may sound obvious, but now more than ever, think about when you’re accelerating in your car. If you know another red light is likely just ahead speed up and slow down gradually. You’ll be more fuel efficient, save your brakes a bit and are less likely to be at fault for a minor accident. The savings is real when you consider app.com’s report on this New Jersey man who is now spending $120 a week on fuel. Last, don't miss any regularly scheduled maintenance: a well-maintained car is inherently more fuel efficient as well.

Will Gas Prices Go Up Further In 2022

It’s difficult to say. There’re even rumors the government will release a federal reserve of petroleum, which could have an impact on the prices we’re seeing at the pumps. Generally winter months and the end of vacation season sees a dip in how much we shell out for fuel, but this and covid booster shots are still a big question mark.

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