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Get Around With Frank's Loaner Car Program

When we say we’ll get you where you need to go we mean it. Frank’s is better than a dealer when it comes to auto service. Why? Not only do we provide detailed photo reports with pictures of everything you need to know about your car, but we also have a robust loaner car program that keeps you on the road.

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Does Frank’s Have A Courtesy Vehicle For Car Repairs?

It’s simple. When you come to Frank’s for service you have the option of taking one of our loaner cars to get you to work or wherever you need to go around Lower Bucks County. So long as you let us know ahead of time we can generally accommodate anyone who needs a courtesy vehicle while their car is being repaired. Frank’s currently has a fleet of six cars just for you, if you need them. They include a Toyota Corolla, Prius, Chevy Impala and a Honda Civic!

Frank's Toyota Corolla Courtesy Car Loaner Vehicle

Can Anyone Use A Loaner Car?

There are a few things you need to be eligible for a courtesy vehicle. You have to be at least 25 years old and have full comprehensive insurance coverage. We find most of our Lower Bucks County customers already fit these requirements though, so you’ll easily be able to take a loaner car after you sign a short liability waiver for insurance purposes. 

Frank's Courtesy Vehicle Loaner Prius Toyota Car
Does Frank’s Servicenter Pay For Tolls Or Violations?

Although we’re here to keep you on the road, there are some things you’ll be responsible for if you use one of our six loaner cars. When it comes to refilling fuel, paying tolls, EZ Pass or any violation expenses incurred with our courtesy cars, that’s the responsibility of the customer. Fortunately there are plenty of gas stations and even two Wawa’s conveniently on Street Road to make filling up on the way back super quick!

Since being eligible is easy and there isn’t much to worry about, we’re sure you’ll love using our loaner car program. If you want easier, more personalized service, visit Frank’s Servicenter in Lower Bucks County.

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