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How A Dirty Air Filter Affects A Car

Imagine how well your car’s motor would run with stones inside it: not very well at all. A car’s air filter keeps dust and other particles out of your engine which, on a really small scale, could cause a similar kind of damage inside it. This is why it is important to replace parts on your car to keep it in the best shape and prevent extra costs down the road.

How A Dirty Air Filter Affects Your Car

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Decreased mileage, a check engine light, strange noises in your engine compartment and visible dirt are all signs that your motor’s air filter isn’t working and is too dirty. It’s always best to replace parts like this routinely so the damage doesn’t become severe. Fouled spark plugs and a lack of power from your car’s engine can be an effect of needing a replacement part air filter too.

How Air Filters Work For Cars

An air filter works on a very small scale. The filter itself is a paper material with tiny, tiny holes that catch dirt, but allow air through. If the paper is damaged, becomes wet or something else affects it then minute amounts of dirt can slip through and build up in your motor causing damage that is much, much harder to repair than an air filter swap. Another very important part of an air filter is something you probably haven’t even thought about! It’s the seal around the filter. If this rubber grommet is not sealed properly dirt and debris can bypass the filter element! This'll slow you down and take the fun out of your drive.

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Here at Frank’s our auto techs can quickly identify the cause of engine trouble and replace an air filter to keep you cruising smooth down Street Road, or wherever you’re headed.

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