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How Long Should A Car Battery Last | Charging Life Expectancy

A car can’t start without a battery. Every fuel-powered vehicle needs a battery to operate the starter motor and get you on your way. In general, a car battery should last for 4 to 6 years, but here are some quick tips to get the longest life out of your battery.

How Long Should A Car Battery Last? 

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There are many factors that affect the life of a battery. If you leave your car lights on or your alternator isn’t charging your battery correctly you may find you are unable to start your car. A bad electrical connection in a car’s wiring can also cause a car battery charge and lifetime to decrease. Sometimes a battery can even go bad on its own. Don’t worry though, our replacement batteries come with a warranty for 30 months of free replacement! 

Can A Car Battery Be Tested?

Yes. Whenever we perform a routine service with our multipoint inspection we test your car battery. Our high-tech metering equipment will tell us how much charge capacity your car’s battery is holding and whether or not there may be a problem starting your car in the near future.

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How To Install A Car Battery

If you do find yourself stuck with a car that won’t start you can try jump-starting it with the info in our last blog. Otherwise, it is possible to reinstall a battery on your own, but caution is needed to prevent injury and damage. 

Kinds Of Car Batteries

Not all batteries are the same. Some vehicles need more power to get started. How much capacity a car battery has is measured in CCA’s (Cold Cranking Amps). If you are researching batteries you may find this helpful. Beyond the battery rating, most batteries are a lead-acid construction. Specific applications may require a remote vented battery or Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. Ask your service advisor for details. 

Car Batteries And The Weather

Climate is one of the biggest adversities for a battery. Batteries tend to fail in both extreme hot and extreme cold. We typically field many calls on the first cold snap of the year causing weak batteries to fail. Regular testing and preventative replacement can avoid untimely interruptions! 

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