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How much does it cost to fix my car air conditioner?

Let's face it, it is HOT outside and we all need Air Conditioning! But how much is it going to cost to fix your air conditioner? 

Well just like there is no avoiding the fact that we all need air conditioning,  we all know that it can be expensive at times.  But do not despair, over 95% of our customers air conditioning repairs are a minor component and not a major failure or system replacement. Similar to most other automotive systems, the air conditioning system is made of many individual components. These components can be repaired and replaced individually. For this reason, it is very important to have a trained and certified mechanic service your system and know that you are making the proper repairs and not spending frivolously. Our experience is that a minor system component can be anywhere from $150-$550. Before you worry have the system tested and we will provide a clear estimate of the repair cost along with a 2 Year and 24,000-mile warranty. 

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