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How often to Change Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades usually last about 12 months depending on how heavily they are used and how clean your windshield is!

Wiper blades are a necessary evil, no matter what it will rain eventually. Springtime in the northeast brings more wet weather than usual. A sure sign of needing new wiper blades is that horrendous sound of the blades chattering across the glass in misty rain. This happens because the rubber is no longer supple and is not turning over when the wiper blade changes direction. The only cure for this is new wiper blades. You may also notice stealing or missed spots on the glass from worn-out wiper blades. 


Wiper blade installation can be a straightforward task. Be very careful not to allow the wiper arm to strike the glass. If you are unfamiliar or not interested in replacing your wiper blades feel free to stop by. We do not charge to install new windshield wiper blades. 

How can I make my wipers last longer? The best way to improve the lifespan of your wiper blades is to keep the windshield as clean as possible. Dirt and dust on the glass will eventually wear away the fine edges of the wiper blade. 

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