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How To De Ice My Windshield | Winter Car Tips

There’s nothing like adding another ten minutes to your commute, right? Although many are working at home these days, some still have to get going in the cold winter mornings. So here’s a breakdown of things you should and shouldn’t do to get your icy windshield clear before driving to work.

How To De Ice My Windshield

Snowy Windshield Cleaning

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There are a few windshield de-icing tips that require no extra effort. Parking in a garage is an obvious solution, but even getting your car under a carport can really help prevent ice from accumulating. Also, if you do have to park outside on a blustery night, think about what direction the sun is facing when you’ll wake up. Parking so that your windshield faces the rising sun can help to naturally deice your windshield.

Snowy Windshield Cleaning Hacks…?

Many online are advising the use of rubbing alcohol or vinegar mixtures. In general, it is best to avoid these though. Even common chemicals can wear the finish on your car’s paint and degrade the windshield overtime (a much more costly repair). Another work-around some try is to turn on the windshield wipers and let them scrape across the ice, but this will probably only result in your buying new wipers before the next storm.

Snowy Road Driving Conditions

Windshield Covers and Scrapers

Buying a windshield cover is a better alternative to save time on windshield clearing. Just be sure there is a way to anchor the cover so it doesn’t blow away! If you are going to scrape the ice though, be sure to use a plastic scraper that is meant for the job, it can be tempting to grab a shovel or push-broom to clear snow off your car faster. A windshield scraper is generally all plastic and won’t scratch any surface, but a broom or shovel may have harmful metal pieces. Also, be sure to clear all the windows and the entire windshield. If you’re running late you may want to jump right in, but limited visibility can be very dangerous on the road.

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