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How To Get Your Car Towed To A Mechanic

In our daily lives we’re on the road a lot. Whether it’s for work or fun, we have a lot of places to go. So what do you do if your car stops working!? Don’t panic. You just need a tow and Frank’s has all the info you need to get your car in for service and back on the road again.

How To Get Your Car Towed

Frank's Servicenter Tow Truck

Car not working? Call Frank’s to have your questions answered! (215) 355-8877

Maybe you got in an accident, maybe you have a car that’s been sitting awhile or maybe your car just won’t start; either way Frank’s Servicenter is here to guide you through the process. Our auto techs and service staff have seen the whole gamut of car issues and can walk you through what needs to be done step by step. Even after hours you can call us and our 24-hour answering service will help you reach the option you need.

Should You Drive Your Car To A Mechanic Instead Of Towing?

If you’re thinking, “How can I get my car towed to a mechanic?” but aren’t sure how to make it happen, don’t take any unnecessary risks. Having your car towed to an auto shop is generally much less expensive than the repairs. You may even cause more damage to your vehicle by driving with an unknown problem. Even if your car is totally inoperable Frank’s Servicenter can arrange to have a flat bed tow truck come to you to safely bring your car in for service.

Tow Truck After Accident

What If I Need My Car Towed After An Accident?

First things first; be sure you and any other people involved in a car accident are out of harm’s way. If you have roadside assistance through your car insurance or if you have AAA, you can call them and set up a tow to Frank’s in Southampton. Our service advisors can take it from there and help you with any problems that may arise. 

Not sure who to call about your car trouble? Just call Frank’s! (215) 355-8877

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