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How to Maximize Your MPG For the Back-to-School Season

Gasoline is becoming a more costly expense for many of us, and it doesn't help that traffic is expected to increase with more people out again. Better yet, fuel is not likely to get any cheaper for the back-to-school season. Whether you have kids to drop off at school or simply heading back to the office soon, you should attempt to get the most out of your gas mileage. The first thing you should make a note of is how you handle your car. The decisions you make behind the wheel heavily influence your fuel efficiency. Fortunately, we've gathered a handful of these tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your fuel economy. Here is how to start:


Tire Maintenance is KEY

Besides managing your tire pressure, you need to do other things to your tires to keep them in good shape. Make sure you have proper tire tread and schedule out those wheel alignment and wheel balance services. An uneven tread can take a big hit on your miles per gallon. 


Avoid Unnecessary Braking

Most motorists keep their foot on the brake pedal for precautionary measures. However, you should avoid doing this at all costs. Every time you put the slightest force on the brake pedal, you are wasting extra gas.


Drive Slower and More Consistently

Research has proven that driving slower and at a constant pace can yield tremendous savings. You're only throwing money away by heavily accelerating since it requires more fuel to do so. Here's a bonus tip: try to use your cruise control feature whenever you're commuting on the highway. Cruise control can save you some cash by moving your vehicle at a consistent speed. And, it'll also prevent you from getting a speeding ticket.


Unload Your Car

Try to get in a good habit of cleaning out your cabin and trunk often. Excess weight in your vehicle produces drag on your car engine and results in more significant fuel consumption. 


Before you head back to your regular back-to-school commute, take your car to Frank's Servicenter for routine maintenance. Our skilled and experienced team can do a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle and uncover any underlying areas affecting your low gas mileage in the process. Have any questions or concerns? Give us a call at (267) 762-1217 today.

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