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How To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Cold Weather Ahead!

It’s that time of year again! When the weather turns cold, it's important to get your car ready so it can work its best. Just like you put on a warm coat to stay cozy, your car needs some preparation too! Let's learn how to get our cars ready for the cold weather step by step.

  • Check Your Tires:
  • First, make sure your tires have enough air and good tread. Tires with good tread help your car grip the road better, especially when it's icy or snowy.
  • Fill Windshield Washer Fluid:
  • Cold weather can bring lots of mud and splashes on your windshield. Make sure to fill your windshield washer fluid to keep your windshield clean and help you see the road clearly.
  • Check the Battery:
  • Cold weather can make it harder for your car's battery to work. Ask a grown-up to check if your battery is in good shape. If it's old, they might need to replace it.
  • Inspect the Lights:
  • When you bring your vehicle in, your trusted mechanic here at Frank’s Servicenter will check your headlights, taillights, and brake lights. Lights are important so other cars can see you and you can see the road.
  • Change the Oil:
  • Cold weather can be tough on your car's engine. Changing the oil will help your engine run smoothly even when it's chilly outside.
  • Keep a Winter Emergency Kit:
  • It's a great idea to keep a kit in your car with important things like a blanket, extra gloves, snacks, and a flashlight. If you get stuck, this kit can really help!
  • Check the Antifreeze:
  • Antifreeze is like a special drink for your car that helps it stay cool or warm, depending on the weather. Make sure it's at the right level to keep your car running well!

  • Inspect the Brakes:
  • While your car is in our shop we’ll inspect brakes to make sure they're in good condition! Good brakes help you stop safely even on slippery roads.

Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in keeping your car happy and healthy during cold weather. Come by today and book an appointment to get your vehicle prepared for the cold weather with Frank's Servicenter at 645 Knowles Ave, Southampton, PA 18966 or call us at (215) 355-8877. Stay safe and warm on the roads!

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