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How To Save On Gas Prices In Philadelphia

Even with the tide of the Covid pandemic slowing down, a huge hike in Philadelphia gas prices is still disheartening. Gas pump costs have skyrocketed in the wake of economic recovery and turmoil abroad, but what can you do to get through it? These free and easy gas-saving tips will keep you on your way.

How To Save On Gas In Philadelphia

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One super straightforward recommendation we have is checking the air pressure in your tires. As a tire loses pressure more surface area of the rubber will grip the road and thereby slow you down. Be sure to keep your tires inflated to manufacturer specifications (Learn what your tire pressure should be set at HERE)  if you're wondering, “why are gas prices near me so high?” 

How Driving Style Affects Fuel Efficiency

Have you ever gunned the accelerator to pass someone who just ends up right behind you at the next traffic light anyway…? It may seem a little boring, but a more reserved driving style will save you money. Unnecessary accelerating burns gas and will wear your tires and eventually use your brakes more too. 

Wheel Alignment and Gas Savings

Did you know that if your wheels are not properly aligned it could be costing you money? Not only can this lead to excessive tire wear, but it actually makes it harder for your car to glide down the road - sort of like an annoying grocery cart with a bad wheel!

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More Weight, More Gas

What’s in your trunk right now? Okay - maybe a personal question - but hauling around additional weight in your car will mean you need to use a little more gas to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Organizing your car is a great strategy for how to save on gas - plus your ride will probably be cleaner too!

If you need more info on how your car is using gas, come to Frank’s Servicenter. We can perform state-of-the-art wheel alignments and more!

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