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How to Test Your Suspension With the Bounce Test

Has the handling and comfort of your vehicle felt a bit off lately? If so, you are most likely facing a problem with your suspension system, specifically with your struts and shocks. If you want to be sure before making an appointment with our suspension repair shop in Southampton, PA, you can test it right at home using the bounce test. 

What Is The Bounce Test? How To Tell Your Suspension Needs Repair

Suspension Shock Strut Test

The bounce test is a quick and easy test that does not require additional equipment, tools, or skill, for that matter. Please follow these steps to do the bounce test:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat and even surface.
  2. Start by heading to one of the corners of your car. (You're going to do one corner at a time)
  3. In a swift motion, push down on the corner as hard as possible with your body weight and then lift off it. 
  4. Observe how your car responds after step 3.
    1. If it jumps once, then the shock has some wear. It will require a replacement in the future.
    2. If it bounces more than twice, you need to replace your shocks right away.
    3. The shock is still in good condition if it springs back up right away to its resting position.
  5. Repeat the previous steps with the rest of the corners of your automobile to be certain.

Dodge Shock Rear Worn

Here's an example of a worn shock.


Other Signs Of Suspension Wear


Besides the trusty bounce test, you can gather more information about your suspension with other clues. First of all, you can inspect your tires for any bald patches or uneven tread wear. You can also look directly at the condition of the shocks themselves for physical signs of wear. When checking your suspension, you should look for damages, rust spots, oil leaks, or any unusual symptoms.


If your car ends up failing the bounce test or is showing unusual signs, please bring your vehicle to Frank's Servicenter Inc. for suspension repair by making an appointment online. For top-notch quality auto services in Southampton, PA, please visit our team today or call (215) 355-8877.


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