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Kinds of Fluid Leaks That Need Car Repair (or don't!)


It’s never a good feeling to see fluid sitting in the driveway as you pull in or take off to go about your day. There are many things that may cause a fluid leak and result in having your car serviced. That’s why Frank’s Servicenter is here to give you the rundown on the kinds of fluids that may be leaking from under your car…


Kinds of Fluid Leaks That Need Car Repair (or don't!)

Toyota 2002 MR2 Spyder Oil Leak Undercarriage Car Repair

Clear Water Leak From Under Your Car:

As another heat wave hits Philly, we know you’ve been running your air conditioner. If you see water drip under your car, or a puddle that quickly evaporates you can relax. It’s not a fluid leak at all. Condensation is perfectly normal around AC compressor units and is nothing to worry about.


Blue Fluid Leaking From Your Car:

Often times windshield washer fluid is blue in color and can end up in some strange places. If you’ve recently refilled your washer fluid tank, or used your wipers a lot (perhaps on a wintery day) then you don’t need to worry either. This is a simple fix and poses no danger while driving so long as you can still see clearly out of your windshield. 


Differential Fluid Leak 2015 Hyundai Tucson

Pink or Red Fluid Is Leaking From Your Car:

This color is a little something more to be concerned about. Although washer fluid can also be these colors, it generally signals a Transmission or Power Steering fluid leak. This requires immediate car service as it can mean serious wear to your gears, or a potential lose in steering!


A Yellow, Green or Orange Leak From Your Car:

A lot of times these colors will denote a coolant leak. Your car needs coolant to help it remain at optimum operating temperature. Running too hot or too cold could also mean excessive wear and tear on your vehicle. Coolant can also smell sweet and be attractive to kids or animals, so be sure to take care of it.


2010 Honda Accord Oil Leak Filter Bucks County

Fluid Running Down The Tires Of Your Car:

If you see fluid here, it’s likely brake fluid. This one may be the most severe and needs speedy service or you may risk how well you can stop your car!


Black Fluid Is Leaking From My Car:

Oil runs through so many parts of your motor and has the most potential to find a spot to seep out. If you see black fluid (or tannish black if you’ve had your car’s oil serviced recently) it’s probably the culprit.


Smelly Fluid Is Leaking From My Car:

Probably the best way to distinguish a fuel leak is the specific petroleum smell we all know from being at a gas station. Obviously a fuel leak can be the cause of a fire in or around your vehicle - come to Frank’s for service quick! If you try to absorb the fuel with a towel, rag or even kitty litter though, be advised that UV rays from sunlight and other sources could cause them to spontaneously combust!


So, just like in nature, different colors can mean different things when it comes to car service and fluid leaks. Make an appointment online at Frank’s Servicenter to take care of any potential problem. As Philadelphia's own Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Watch more on identifying car leaks and the service needed in this AutoBlog video:


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