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Make Your Drives More Festive With These Holiday Decorations!

It might be a little early to consider decorating for Christmas, but who's to say you can't? Why not go all out in your decorations by showing your holiday spirit with car decor? Holiday decor doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming either! Here are some cute and fun ways to let your creativity shine with your car decorations this year:

  • Rudolph nose and antlers - You can get the supplies at your local auto shop, superstores, or even on Amazon. You also have the option to DIY them; all you'd need is to take a trip to an arts and craft store.
  • Window decals or magnets - The biggest pro of window decals and magnets are that they are super easy to apply and take off. They're also adjustable, so if it blocks your view, you can move it somewhere else. It's a wonderful option for individuals who don't want to put forth too much time and effort.
  • Car Paint - You can find washable paint pens at an arts and crafts store to use on your car body or glass surfaces. This is the best idea to unleash your creativity. You can draw anything from snowflakes to gingerbread men to candy canes; it's all up to you!
  • Lights - If you can light up your home, you can surely light up your car too! Step out in an extravagant way by adding lights to your car. While this may be the most difficult to do, you'll surely get the ooh's and ah's from other drivers.

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