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Motor Oil Selection

What oil does your car take? With all of the motor oil options available choosing the right oil for your car seems like a daunting task. Lets start with the very most basic, the first step is simply to look in the manual. The manufacturer of your engine has invested countless amounts of time and money in selecting the proper viscosity of motor oil for your application. The oil viscosity will be listed numerically, for example; 5W-20.


Once you know the proper weight/viscosity be sure to select a motor oil brand that displays the starburst symbol, indicating that the oil has been tested by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Whether to choose Castrol, Mobile, Valvoline, Quaker State, Pennzoil, Shell, or equivalents is a matter of preference. The most important selection is choosing the proper viscosity of a certified and tested motor oil, and of course changing it on a consistent basis!