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My Tire Looks Low

Improperly inflated tires are nearly impossible to detect with your eye. To properly check tire pressure you must use a gauge. Leaks and temperature change are the most common reason for tire under inflation. Additionally all tires will lose pressure over time. Underinflated tires can't maintain shape and become flatter than intended while in contact with the road. If a vehicle's tires are underinflated by as little as 6 psi it can lead to tire failure. Additionally, tread life could be diminished by as much as 25%. Lower inflation pressure will allow the tire to deflect as it rolls. This movement will create internal heat, increase resistance and cause a reduction in fuel economy. The difference could be up to 5%. You will experience a significant loss of steering precision and cornering stability. While this minor amount of pressure doesn't seem excessively low, remember, it usually represents about 20% of the tire's recommended pressure.
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