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Nissan Frontier 2022 Release | New Light-Duty Pick Up Service and Repair

Despite all the SUV’s, compact SUV’s and crossovers on the new car market these days, light-duty pickups are as popular as ever and the new 2022 Nissan Frontier is getting a serious face lift. 


Nissan Frontier 2022 Release Dessert Light Pickup Service

Photo / Nissan


Overview of the new Nissan Frontier 2022

Built on the same chassis (which means the same wheel-base) as the previous gen, the new Frontier comes in four trim levels; S, SE, Pro-X and the big and bad Pro-4X. Probably the most apparent change though is the front end. The curvy, aerodynamic look of other new pickups is lost on the Frontier - and it’s awesome! The blocky, old-school feel is perfect for mountain getaways and retro beach trips. 


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Nissan Frontier 2022 Release Dessert Light Pickup Service

Photo / Nissan


2022 Nissan Frontier Features

As far as features go it does pack a punch. 6,720 lbs. Towing capacity, zero-gravity seats and wireless phone charging are some of the options. There’s the Pro-X model, which is a two-wheel, kind of ‘dessert prerunner’ version of the Pro-4X without the 4-wheel components. Better hydraulic mounts dampen any vibration that may have been an issue in previous years. Nissan chose Bilstein shocks for this new beast. The five-foot bed can come with Nissan’s own ‘Utili Track’ tie-down system. A 7” digital display screen is standard, but the 9” comes in the Pro- models. Only one motor and trans is offered, but it’s a 3.8 V6 9-speed that’ll get 17 mpg in town and 22 highway. Another important upgrade is that the bed walls are taller, allowing you to carry more stuff! That’s the idea in a pickup, right?


Nissan Frontier 2022 Release Dessert Light Pickup Service

Photo / Nissan


Repair and Maintenance for a 2022 Nissan Frontier

But if you’re headed to a Nissan dealer for this neat new truck, remember Frank’s Servicenter in Lower Bucks County can maintain it for you! Save yourself a dime and some hassle when you come to Frank’s. Then you can head back out on dirt bike adventures and hiking excursions in the new 2022 Nissan Frontier.


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