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PA State Inspection

What is "State Inspection"?
In the state of Pennsylvania by law *every car* operating on the road must be inspected annually to verify safe operation. (*some exceptions apply to specialty/antique vehicles) The inspection is a visual and physical examination of your vehicle and its safety components. The inspectors adhere to published guidelines provided by the State to verify the safe operation of all motor vehicles. Completion of a successful inspection is indicated by a sticker located in the lower left corner of your windshield.

Who can perform State Inspection?
Licensed mechanics working at a state approved inspection station perform all of the Pennsylvania State Inspections. The mechanics must pass a physical and written test to verify their capability. Both the inspectors as well as the stations are monitored and audited by state officials.

When do I need to have the inspection done?
The reflective badges on your windshield indicate the month and year of your current inspection expiration date. The grey background number is the expiration month and the opposite side indicates the year. The inspection must be renewed prior to the end of the month indicated on the sticker. There is no grace period for inspection in Pennsylvania. The inspection may be performed up to three months prior to the indicated expiration. For example if your inspection expiration was 3/20 you are eligible to have the new inspection performed anywhere from January 1 through March 31. Providing the inspection is completed in this range your new expiration date will be 3/21.

Where should I get my inspection?
Many repair shops have mechanics on duty that are capable of performing state inspections. Although as with everything else you will find a varying degree of quality among your choices. The state inspector license is a bare minimum requirement for an inspection mechanic. Inspection mechanics at Frank's Servicenter are highly trained and undergo additional certification through the Automotive Service Excellence program (ASE).

Why do we have inspection?
Inspection is vital to the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We all lead a busy life and it is too easy to forget about crucial safety items that are out of sight and consequently out of mind! Safety inspection maintains safe roads for all of us.