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Replacing Radiator Hoses In Your Car

Teamwork - that’s how a car’s motor works. Lots of components come together to keep you cruising around. One particularly important piece though is the radiator and the hoses that connect it to the engine block.

Replacing Radiator Hoses In Your Car

Radiator Hose Replacement

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There are so many things to replace on your car, so you may ask, “Should I replace my radiator hoses?” First, the radiator is where the hot coolant comes out of the motor and is cooled so it can go back into the hot engine and keep it at a proper temperature. Let’s take a closer look at how the rubber hoses leading to your radiator can affect your vehicle though.

Signs of Radiator Hose Wear

The first thing to consider if you’re wondering if you should change your radiator hoses is if they are worn down. Simply squeezing the hoses (when the motor is cool) is a good way to tell. If there are any obvious tears or even any shallow or soft spots you’ll need radiator hose replacement. These rubber hoses will also swell from oil leaks or just as they age too. Radiator hose material has improved greatly over the years. We replace hoses after two cooling system services, so they are generally 6-8 years old at the time of initial replacement. 

Radiator Hose In Motor

Bad Radiator Hose Symptoms

The cost of radiator hose replacement is pretty insignificant compared to the damage that could be caused when an engine overheats. It is much more budget-friendly to have a qualified mechanic, like Frank’s Servicenter, assess the condition of engine parts and fix any potentially damaging parts.

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