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Shocks Vs. Struts: What's The Difference On Your Car?

Shocks, struts, suspension, coil overs, bumpstops! There’s a lot of words associated with your car’s suspension repair. What do they all mean? Once again, Frank’s Servicenter is here to give you some free knowledge to help you make the best car maintenance decisions possible in Bucks County.

What’s The Difference Between Car Shocks and Struts?

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Shocks and Struts serve the same purpose in different designs. A shock suspension has a spring and shock separate while a strut incorporates a spring onto the same strut assembly. In both cases, the spring supports the weight of the car and the shock dampens the suspension movement while holding the tire on the road surface. 

Does My Car Need Suspension Repair? Shocks or Struts?

There are ways to tell if your auto is in need of suspension items. The absolute best way to know for sure though is to come to Frank’s for an inspection and get one of our digital reports which shows you exact photos of what needs to be fixed. If you want to take a quick look yourself though, you can look under your car to see if there are any dents, fluid leaks or cracks in the springs or shocks. It may seem silly, but whenever you get under a car be sure it is secure and you’re in a safe place before looking! Last, it’s not the most accurate, but you can perform a simple bounce test by pushing down one corner of your car. Let off when the body is low and if it stops when it comes back up your suspension’s in at least decent shape. If it continues to bounce up and down though, it’s definitely time for suspension repair.

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Under this Toyota Corolla we spy a strut. The spring and shock are one assembly.

Which Are Better Shocks or Struts?

This is something of an age old question and the truth is there isn’t an exact answer. A separate shock and spring isn’t necessarily better than a strut, just different. What a car manufacturer produces on their product at the factory is totally up to the design staff based on what they feel is best for that particular car. Keep in mind though, suspension repair generally means replacing the same kind of part. Shocks cannot replace struts and struts cannot necessarily replace shocks without significant customization. Rest assured though, our expert mechanics at Frank’s will know exactly what your car needs - shocks or struts!

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