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Should I flush brake fluid in my car?

Brake fluid is an interesting topic because some drivers are not sure if and why they should flush the fluid. The brake fluid is the ONLY moving link between the brake pedal and brake caliper. A frequent concern is that drivers have not previously changed their brake fluid. There have been significant changes in modern cars that have also changed the type of maintenance required. Front-wheel drive vehicles with larger semi metallic brake systems run significantly hotter than their rear-wheel drive counterparts. Nearly all vehicles now have delicate and advanced abs / traction control systems as well that require clean quality fluid. These high brake temperatures require fluid that can take the heat. Brake fluid that has absorbed moisture over time will have contamination and a lowered boiling point. Brake fluid is tested with a moisture meter, 3% or higher moisture requires fluid replacement. An NHTSA survey found that the brake fluid in 20% of 1,720 vehicles sampled contained 5% or more water!
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