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Should I go to “the dealer” to have my car serviced?

You have been enjoying driving your brand new car and its time to have it serviced, but where should you go?

There are many great options for automotive service and repair in our area and you should find the solution that fits your personality and needs the best. You may be asking yourself, well, "My car is Under Warranty, Do I Need to got to a new car dealership?" NO! you can choose to have your car serviced where ever you prefer by whomever you prefer! You can even choose to do the maintenance yourself! This is legally made possible by the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act of 1975. One of the many features of this Warranty Act is that it makes it illegal for manufacturers or dealers to claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage under your warranty simply because someone other than the dealer did the work. See a full description from the Federal Trade Commission HERE.

Now that you realize that you are not REQUIRED to go anywhere specific, "Where should you go for "Automotive Service"?

New car dealerships operate their service departments independent of the vehicle manufacturer just as every other independent repair facility. Many of our customers tell us that they enjoy the individual attention that we give in comparison to a dealership that seems to treat each customer as just a number to be dealt with. If you have been to a dealership you can recall the frustration of looking for someone to help you, being passed off to multiple disengaged workers and finally paying at a cashier before searching acres of asphalt for your car. At Frank's Servicenter time is dedicated to working with each client to make the very best decision possible for your unique needs. No situation is exactly the same and we want you to be happy with the solution that works for you. Our team is dedicated to solving your transportation situation. While we dedicate the time and resources to repair and maintain your car you can move on with your busy life! After bringing your car in for service you do not need to worry about anything. We will keep in constant communication through email, text and/or phone calls. Your advisor will share a link to your vehicle information for your review before discussion. Quality takes time and no one has time to spare waiting around for their car. To keep you moving we offer shuttle service if you are close to home or work. If the shuttle is not your answer we can also schedule you for a Free Loaner vehicle while your car is in for service. But there are some things that you just cant plan on!!! When you suddenly find out that you need emergency service we are happy to take you right away and you can relax in our waiting room enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a moment of peaceful sanity.