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Simple Answers from Frank’s Servicenter Inc. for Southampton: Power Brakes

Question: What is power brake service and why do Southampton drivers need to have it done?

Frank's Servicenter Inc. Answer:
Think for a second: if you poured a tablespoon of water in your hand and tried to throw it as hard as you could, how far would the water go? If you suck up a tablespoon of water with a syringe, push the plunger and squirt it out, how far do you think that would go? In which scenario does the water go further?

Without question, the answer is the water leaving the syringe! The reason why is because there is so much pressure behind the water. The power brake system in your vehicle works just the same. Each time you step on the brake of your vehicle, the master cylinder adds pressure to the brake fluid. This activates the brakes and allows you to stop your vehicle. Drivers in Southampton who lack pressure from the master cylinder won't be able to stop their vehicle.

If your brake system had sprung a leak, this would reduce and even potentially eliminate the stopping power of your vehicle. This can happen because brake fluid attracts moisture which leads to corrosion, and eventually leaks. A fantastic way for Southampton drivers to avoid these situations, and keep their brake fluid clean is to get their brake fluid changed as it is recommended.

There needs to be enough brake fluid for the correct and proper function of traction and stability control systems, and anti-lock brakes. Your Frank's Servicenter knowledgeable and friendly professionals will always check your brake fluid level during a full-service oil change. If the brake fluid is low, your Frank's Servicenter service advisor may recommend a thorough brake inspection. Worn brake pads can be the cause of low brake fluid.

You may notice some signs of a potential leak. If the brake pedal feels hard or like a sponge, or if you notice reduced stopping power when you brake, you could have a leak. Come into Frank's Servicenter straight away if you feel as though there might be an issue for a brake inspection.

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