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Sustainable Holiday Wrapping And Decoration Ideas

With the holidays wrapping up and the new year upon us it’s important to turn over a new leaf in terms of sustainability for 2022. Frank’s Servicenter is always environmentally conscious and wants to give you some Christmas waste tips for a sustainable end of the holiday season.

Sustainable Holiday Ideas

Holiday Light Recycling

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Everyone loves to make over their home and living spaces for the winter season. It’s a wonderful way to increase the level of cheer, but what happens to all those little lights and tinsels when all is said and done? Try donating decorations to a local senior center or after-school program to reduce the amount of Christmas waste heading to the landfills.

Recycling Holiday Lights

This can be a tricky subject. There are older style Compact Fluorescent lights that can’t be just tossed into a recycling bin out the back door. Good news though! Some hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s will actually accept broken holiday light strings and if you need to get rid of working lights try a local donation goods store like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Frank's Servicenter Christmas Tree

Wrap With A Purpose

There are so many different kinds of wrapping paper these days it can be enticing to try to buy the theme for your special someone. Here’s an even more meaningful idea though: use recycled brown paper and illustrate it on your own! If it’s the thought that counts, your loved ones will be glad to see what you got them and what you drew on it! Even if you don’t have the time for this though, try using festive bags instead of wrapping paper. This way the bag can be reused next year!

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