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Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil Changes And Your Car

The most common car maintenance is an oil change, but there’s a little more to it nowadays. What’s the best kind to use? How does it affect your wallet? Here’s a breakdown on conventional versus synthetic oil changes.

Why Is A Synthetic Oil Change Important?

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Synthetic Motor Oil Change Oil

When you’re cruising down the road there’s millions of little explosions happening under your hood turning a huge variety of car parts. Each component interacts with others and under the high pressure and high intensity needed to move your car there’s a lot of wear that can occur. Oil lubricates the components in your car’s motor so that wear doesn’t happen. Over time the oil becomes dirty and needs replacing to keep your motor in the best possible condition.

What Is Synthetic Oil For Cars?

Synthetic oil is a chemically produced lubricant designed specifically for car engines. It has less impurities compared to conventional oil and in general lasts longer. Synthetic oil is also more robust under temperature changes in the hottest and coldest months of the year. Frank’s generally recommends synthetic oil changes for these reasons. In fact, most conventional oil isn’t entirely petroleum-based, they’re made of a blend of natural and synthetic oil!

Should I Get A Synthetic Oil Change? Cost Break Down

On average synthetic oil needs to be replaced less often, which saves you some hassle. It does tend to cost a little more for each change, but the savings are found in the life of your engine. If a typical car holds 5 quarts of motor oil and conventional lasts for 3,000 miles and synthetic 5,000 miles then after a one hour service the cost and time involved looks like this over time:

Six synthetic oil changes over 30,000 miles consisting of 30 quarts or 7.5 gallons for $479.70  and 6 hours / A conventional oil change would happen 10 times, consuming 50 quarts/12.5 gallons for $399.50 and 10 hours of your time. In this example, Synthetic oil saves 5 gallons of oil and 4 hours of time!

Twelve synthetic oil changes over 60,000 miles consisting of 60 quarts or 15 gallons for $959.40 and 12 hours versus a conventional oil change 20 times, consuming 100 quarts or 25 gallons for $799.00 and 20 hours of your time
In this example, Synthetic oil saves 10 gallons of oil and 10 hours of time! In the long run, synthetic saves time and materials on top of being better for your car.

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Can I Change To Synthetic Oil In My Car?

If you’re currently running conventional oil in your car you can change to synthetic without any problem. You could also change back to conventional at any time if you’re then running synthetic, it won’t hurt your car. For all the reasons above though, Frank’s recommends synthetic oil changes in most cars.

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