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What is a Cabin Air Filter and Can I Replace It?

What is a Cabin Air Filter and Can I Replace It?

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and you jump in the car to run out. Maybe you're headed to work right here in Lower Bucks County, maybe you're just out for a drive to Tamanend Park or running to Don Giovanni's for some tasty treats...? (Can you stop by Frank's with some?!) Anyway, wherever you go there's something you won't want to be without: a Cabin Air Filter. What is a Cabin Air Filter? Turning on the fan in your car pulls air from outside into the passenger area called the cabin. In the case of your Air Conditioning a refrigerant cools down that air, but - either way - when it comes in it should be clean, right? That's why, just like your engine, a manufactured, pleated filter catches contaminates like pollen particles and dust before they get blown into the air you breathe as you motor down the highway. Want to know more about this component? Read ... read more


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