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Alternator, what does it do? How to tell if yours is bad?

So you are unlucky to find out your car didn't start. After having the road service come and getting your car to the repair shop you find out that the Alternator is bad. But what does the Alternator have to do with the car starting anyway? The alternator is an imperative component to the operation of your vehicle. Think of the alternator as the automotive equivalent of that little white box that your cell plugs into…… Lets start off with what an alternator does for you. The basic function of an alternator is to take mechanical energy (from your running engine) and turn that into Alternating Current Electrical Energy (to power all of the electronics). The mechanical energy is transferred to the alternator through a drive belt. This drive belt is connected to a rotor through a pulley. The rotation of this rotor within a stator produces Alternating Current Electricity. You may remember from high School science that alternating current (AC) is what is typically used in homes ... read more

Car Battery

Car Battery

The battery in your car is an integral part for any of the components to operate. Without this one simple item nothing will function on the car! Typically a car battery will last 4-6 years in our area. While automotive batteries are rechargeable there is a limit to the number of times that you can run the battery down and restore its operation. How do you know if the battery needs replacement? Batteries are rated in Cold Cranking Amperage or CCA. Every battery has a CCA rating usually displayed on the top of the battery. A specialized battery tester can determine the available CCA. During your routine service visits we will check the available CCA of your battery and let you know if the battery is falling below the standard. What is the best kind of battery to use? There are a variety of battery options available. Frank's Servicenter offers multiple options although our preference is AC Delco batteries. AC Delco has proven to be a strong and reliabl ... read more

What kind of Parts will you use on my vehicle?

When it comes to automotive parts there is a never ending selection of possibilities. Every new car manufacturer sells parts, thousands of different aftermarket manufacturers and you can even find automotive parts on Amazon or Ebay! Unfortunately not all parts are created equally. If you have ever found yourself searching for a component online you likely understand that there is a wide variety of options available. Just one component of the service that we provide is proper part selection for you vehicle repairs. Our service associates have years of knowledge and experience in automotive repair and maintenance to choose the best value option for you. All of our work is also covered by an industry leading 2 Year and 24,000 mile warranty. Choosing the best quality parts while providing you the highest value is out mission. There are instances where the Original manufacturer part was poorly designed and there are companies that provide an updated solution. There are conversely also tim ... read more